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How To Pass the CPSM Exams

Supply Management Certification gives you the credentials that

earns 8-10% more than people not certified.

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Based on a 2005 survey by the Institute for Supply Management, Senior Management sees supply manager as …
  • 60% think buyers are a “price minimizer”
  • 35% want procurement to act on your own to reduce costs and make improvements
  • 20% expect supply chain managers to actively seek top-line revenue product and service innovation opportunities

With CPSM Certification, you tell your employer that you worth more because you have the strategic skills to generate profits for the organization.

Are you prepared to achieve the results?

Even if you already achieve results, do you have the credential that tells people you are capable of even more?

So, why not invest in the one certification that can help you earn more and make more profits for your company?

Learn how we teach our students to pass in 30 days so you can earn more with the credential that tells your boss that you have the skills required to generate profits

 Register for our CPSM Certification Exam Study Preparation Course to learn the strategies people pay over $2000 to learn at our live course

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Earn The Certification That Sets You Apart From Everyone

The CPSM certification is the most comprehensive supply chain management certification for Supply Leaders who make a difference. Register today to get certified.

Supply Chain Management : Sounds Geekish, but is very much commonsense

The economy is declining but companies like the United Parcel Service are making ends meet and exceeding expectations. They have utilized the growth in the global economy, better supply chain management techniques and customers attempting to reduce costs by sending low priced packages. UPS has become a victor in an arena of losers precisely because…

Supply Management – What is the benefit?

Supply Chain Management Supply Management – What is the benefit?   The fundamentals of supply management are applicable to all organizations. Through proper alignment and synchronization, businesses of any size can be assured of receiving the best value in their supply management practices. By implementing simple strategies, companies can achieve significant cost savings that improve…

Top 5 Benefits of Supply Management Certification

Supply Chain ManagementIn order to analyze the full benefits of Certified Professional in Supply Management certification you should assess yourself as a marketable entity in the supply management industry, as well as the value it can have for your current supply management company. Every company has a supply chain, and the most competitive and resilient…

Why Earn The CPSM Certification?

Supply Chain ManagementCertification Equals Results – The CPSM certification tells the world you are a professional in a core function of every organization. CPSM Certified Professionals earn 23% more than those without the certification. The Institute for Supply Management stated that a 2.5% reduction in procurement costs produces the same amount of profit as a…

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